VDSL - ClearCase VOB Data Set Loader

VDSL provides a way to describe a sequence of simulated user actions interacting with the IBM Rational ClearCase version control system.  Special config files define the sequence of user actions, config specs to use, views and VOBs to create and destroy.  This makes it easier to develop and test tools which must extract user actions from ClearCase.  This is useful, for example, in organizations that operate both ClearCase and Perforce.
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To add a readme file:

(These commands require the latest Helix command line client and server installed locally, both available for free on the Perforce Helix downloads page).
Clone the project: p4 -d vdsl clone -p public.perforce.com:1666 -f //guest/tom_tyler/vdsl/main/...

Change to the project directory: cd vdsl

Create a readme file: echo "My first readme" > README.md

Reconcile your workspace: p4 reconcile

Submit the changes: p4 submit -d "adding readme file"

Push changes to the Workshop: p4 push