Change 20749

C. Thomas Tyler
Approved and committed, but I believe that the shared data setting is always set to false on the master and we should look at fixing that in another change.

Enhanced p4login again.

Default behavior with no arguments gives the desired results.
For example, if run on a master, we login on the super user P4USER to
P4PORT.  If run on a replica/edge and is set, we login P4USER
to the P4TARGET port of the replica.

All other login functionality, such as logging in the replication
service user on a replica, logging in supplemental automation users,
is now accessed via new flags.

A usage message is now available via '-h' and '-man' options.  The
new synopsys is:
p4login [<instance>] [-p <port> | -service] [-automation] [-all]

The <instance> parameter is the only non-flag positional parameter,
and can be ommitted if SDP_INSTANCE is already defined (as is typical
when called by scripts).

With this change, several other scripts calling either the 'p4login'
script or 'p4 login' commands were normalized to call p4login as
appropriate given the new usage.

Reviewer Note:  Review p4login first, then other files.  Most changes
are in p4login.

In other scripts callling p4login, calls similar to:
$P4BIN -u $P4USER -p $P4PORT login < /path/to/pwd
are replaced with: $P4CBIN/p4login

In other scritps calling p4login, calls similar to:
$P4BIN -p $P4MASTERPORT login < /path/to/pwd
are replaced with: $P4CBIN/p4login -p $P4MASTERPORT

Note that, if is set, calling 'p4login' actually has the
same behavior as 'p4login -p $P4MASTERPORT', since p4login
called on a replica with set will just login to the master
port anyway.

Depending on intent, sometimes $P4BIN/p4login -service
is used.

== Misc Cleanup ==

In doing the cleanup:
* Fixed a hard-coding-to-instance-1 bug in
* Fixed an inconsistency in, where
it did just a regular login rather than a login -a as done in other
places for (for compatibility with some multi-interface NIC card

== p4login Call Normalization ==
Code cleanup was done to normalize calls to p4login, such that:
1) the call starts with $P4CBIN/p4login (not the hard-coded path),
and 2) logic to redirect sdtout/stderr to /dev/null was removed,
since it's not necessary with p4login.  (And if p4login ever
does generate any unwanted output, we only fix it in one place).

== Tweak to instance_vars.template ==
This change includes a tweak to set P4MASTERPORT dynamically
on a replica to ensure the value precisely matches P4TARGET
for the given replica.  This will reduce a source of problems
when SSL is used, as it is particularly sensitive to the precise
P4PORT values used, and will also help for environments which
have not yet set  If the port cannot be determined
dynamically, we fall back to the old logic using the assigned

== Tweak to SDP_ALWAYS_LOGIN behavior ==
This used to default to 1, now it defaults to 0.  At this
point we should no longer need to force logins, and in fact
doing so can get into a 'p4 login' hang situation with set.  Best to avoid unnecessary logins if we
already have a valid ticket.  (I think the need to force a
login may have gone away with p4d patches).

== Obsolete Script ==
With this change, is now obsolete.  All it was doing
was a few redundant 'p4 login' commands followed by a call to
p4login anyway.

== Testing ==
Our test suite doesn't fully cover this change, so additional
manual testing was done in the Battle School lab environment.
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