Change 20777

C. Thomas Tyler
Tweaked HMS script to avoid using p4login, as p4login assumes
it is being run on a server where there the given SDP instance is configured.
Normally the way p4login is used, that's a safe assumption.  But in this case is intended to be called on the HMS server, which may not actually
host the SDP instance for which a replica is being made. They will have their
p4_N.vars files in /p4/common/config, but may not have a /p4/N/root or even
/p4/N directory on the HMS server itself.

This introduces a dependency, deemed acceptable for HMS purposes, that all
instances that use this script have the same password for the
'perforce' super user as the hms instance, as it uses only the
/p4/common/config/.p4passwd.p4_hms.admin password file (for the /p4/hms
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