Change 27064

C. Thomas Tyler
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Fixed issue where 'source p4_vars' hangs if is running.

Added new semaphore file, $P4ROOT/P4ROOT_not_usable.txt.  This is used in
a way similar to 'offline_db_usable.txt' in the offline_db, except that this
file only exists when the databases in P4ROOT are not usable. This is the
opposite of how offline_db_usable.txt works, because P4ROOT is expected to
be usable 99.9% fo the time.  p4d_base will refuse to start p4d if this file
exists, protecting against possible operator errors (like trying to start
p4d when a checkpoint is still loading).

Added check_file_dne() function to to confirm a named file does not exist.
Added checks in that P4ROOT_not_usable.txt does not exist in P4ROOT
or offline_db.

Modified switch_db_files() (called by to properly
use the new P4ROOT_not_usable.txt safety file.

Fixed bugs in p4d_base that could cause p4d_init.log to be overwritten if error output
was generated.

Removed call to '' in p4d_base, as on balance it added more complexity
than needed.

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