Change 478

Barrie Slaymaker
Request Review
0.05 Mon Dec 18 07:27:53 EST 2000
   - Use `p4 labels //...@label` command as per Rober Cowham's suggestion, with
     the '-s' flag recommended by Christopher Siewald and  Though it's actually something like

       vcp: running /usr/bin/p4 -u safari -c safari -p localhost:5666 -s files
       //.../NtLkly //...@compiler_a3 //.../NtLkly //...@compiler_may3

     and so //on //for 50 parameters to get the speed up.  I use the
     //.../NtLkly "file" as //a separator between the lists of files in various
     //revisions.  Hope nobody has any files named that :-).  What I should do
     is choose a random label that doesn't occur in the labels list, I guess.
   - VCP::Source::revml and VCP::Dest::revml are now binary, control code, and
     "hibit ASCII" (I know, that's an oxymoron) clean.  The <comment>, <delta>,
     and <content> elements now escape anything other than tab, line feed,
     space, or printable chars (32 <= c <= ASCII 126) using a tag like '<char
     code="0x09">'.  The test suite tests all this.  Filenames should also
     be escaped this way, but I didn't get to that.
   - The decision whether to do deltas or encode the content in base64 is now
     based on how many characters would need to be escaped.
   - We now depend on the users' diff program to have a "-a" option to force it
     to diff even if the files look binary to it.  I need to use and
     adapt it for use on binary data.
   - VCP::Dest::cvs now makes sure that no two consecutive revisions of the
     same file have the same mod_time.  VCP::Source::p4 got so fast at pulling
     revisions from the repositories the test suite sets up that CVS was not
     noticing that files had changed.
   - VCP::Plugin now allows you to set a list of acceptable result codes, since
     we now use p4 in ways that make it return non-zero result codes.
   - VCP::Revs now croaks if you try to add two entries of the same VCP::Rev
     (ie matching filename and rev_id).
   - The <type> tag is now limited to "text" or "binary", and is meant to
     pass that level of info between foreign repositories.
   - The <p4_info> on each file now carries the one line p4 description of
     the file so that p4->p4 transferes can pick out the more detailed
     info.  VCP::Source::p4, VCP::Dest::p4 do this.
   - VCP::{Source,Dest}::{p4,cvs} now set binaryness on added files properly,
     I think.  For p4->p4, the native p4 type is preserved.  For CVS sources,
     seeing the keyword substitution flag 'o' or 'b' implies binaryness, for
     p4, seeing a filetype like qr/u?x?binary/ or qr/x?tempobj/ or "resource"
     implies binaryness (to non-p4 destinations).  NOTE: Seeing a 'o' or 'b'
     in a CVS source only ends up setting the 'b' option on the destination.
     That should be ok for most uses, but we can make it smarter for cvs->cvs
     transfers if need be.
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