The source for JournalReader has been branched to perforce_software/JournalReader since Perforce uses this for internal testing, and sven (unfortunately) is not with us any more.   Go to the new location for the latest updates.

JournalReader is a tool to read, analyse and manipulate Perforce checkpoints and journal files.

It understands the schema of all checkpoints since the beginning of Perforce. The tool reads the entries in the checkpoint or journal and turns it into JournalEntry objects that match a key from the schema to a value in that entry. Users  typically interact with JournalEntry objects by using or creating an Action. There is a range of existing Action implementers to use and to learn how Actions could be written.
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To add a readme file:

(These commands require the latest Helix command line client and server installed locally, both available for free on the Perforce Helix downloads page).
Clone the project: p4 -d journalreader clone -p public.perforce.com:1666 -f //guest/sven_erik_knop/journalreader/main/...

Change to the project directory: cd journalreader

Create a readme file: echo "My first readme" > README.md

Reconcile your workspace: p4 reconcile

Submit the changes: p4 submit -d "adding readme file"

Push changes to the Workshop: p4 push