Helix Installer - Installs various Helix Server components, including p4d and p4broker, with a simulated enterprise-style installation using the Server Deployment Package (SDP) on a Linux system. Also deploys with the Sample Depot data set familiar to attendees of various Perforce training end Eval\/Demo sessions.

Useful for stand-alone test and demo installations, Vagrant-based server setup, and could be used to bootstrap Docker images/containers.

Helix Installer is used by the CBD test suite. A slightly modified version is used for the Lab Engine behind the Battle School Workshop.

Helix Installer could also be used to bootstrap a production server instance, as it does use the SDP. However, additional oversite of the installation would be warranted post-install for that usage.
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To add a readme file:

(These commands require the latest Helix command line client and server installed locally, both available for free on the Perforce Helix downloads page).
Clone the project: p4 -d perforce_software-helix-installer clone -p public.perforce.com:1666 -f //guest/perforce_software/helix-installer/main/...

Change to the project directory: cd perforce_software-helix-installer

Create a readme file: echo "My first readme" > README.md

Reconcile your workspace: p4 reconcile

Submit the changes: p4 submit -d "adding readme file"

Push changes to the Workshop: p4 push